Eidolon Books & Prime Books announce "Eidolon I"

Our Tuesday Afternoon Reading Group, ©2004 Shaun Tan

The contents of Eidolon I, the first in a new series of original genre fiction anthologies, will include the following seventeen stories:

  • Tim Pratt's "The Third-Quarter King"
  • Hal Duncan's "The Angel of Gamblers"
  • Lucy Sussex's "The Revenant"
  • Holly Phillips' "Gin"
  • Margo Lanagan's "A Fine Magic"
  • Carol Ryles' "The Bride"
  • Grace Dugan's "The Conqueror"
  • Kim Westwood's "Cassandra’s Hands"
  • Jeff VanderMeer's "The Secret Life of Shane Hamill"
  • Deborah Roggie's "Thievery"
  • William Eakin's "Trimalchio’s Chamber Pot"
  • Alistair Ong's "The Legend of Greatmother June"
  • Eleanor Arnason's "Big Green Mama Falls in Love"
  • Elizabeth Bear's "Gone to Flowers"
  • Chris Lawson's "Hieronymus Boche"
  • Deborah Biancotti's "The Dying Light"
  • Simon Brown's "Leviathan"

(Note that the list above should be considered preliminary, and may undergo additions and/or title changes prior to publication.)

The cover will be based on Shaun Tan's marvellous "Our Tuesday Afternoon Reading Group", shown above, and the book will be available for sale in November 2005.

Please direct all inquiries to eidolon@eidolonbooks.com.